Friday, July 24, 2009

Worth the Wait

Yesterday was a day of waiting. Waiting to hear about the main Location. Waiting to hear about a certain actor (actually two) that I'm hoping to get. Waiting on some other things.

This morning we got unofficial notice that we're a go on the main location. We're going to move forward now with all the dominoes that follow that. Then later next week we'll have a big meeting with the location to go over all logistics.

Today, after the unofficial word, we started nailing down housing. In the afternoon, watched a bunch of audition tapes and we're compressing the ones we like and uploading for the producers. Auditions continue over the weekend.

Got the phone call from the actor I wanted-- he's a "no." He's got a conflict. What's meant to be is meant to be.

Some out of state (and in one case out of country) crew people arrive this weekend, so we're taking care of their local arrangements.

End of first week. Good week.

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