Sunday, July 5, 2009

Topics for Discussion

So what would you like to hear about? I occasionally get invited to speak and will be at Borders in Colleyville this next Saturday, from 2-4pm. When I get the invite, I ask the inviter what they would like to cover. Sometimes they ask for a list to choose from like this:
* How to Raise Money for a Movie
* What Actors Need to Know from a Director's POV
* How to Get a Movie Greenlit
* How to Write a Script
* How Does a Christian Work in the Heathen Hollywood Environment
* What's the Difference Between a "Christian" movie and a "Secular" movie
* What's Lou Diamond Phillips like?

And many others. If you are coming Saturday and want to make a recommendation, drop me a line, either here in comments, or on the Facebook mirror of this blog, or in an email to me.

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