Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Cast

Here are some more cast members for "Rising Stars." "Chance" is our male lead. He comes from a poor background and is a phenomenal singer/guitar player. We are out to someone on this and hope to hear Monday. It does amaze me how most actors seem to have three names. Two just don't quite do the job. :)

Playing his best friend "Petey" is Jason Edward Cook. Petey is part of Chance's band and Jason will fit right in with a high tenor voice and excellent musical skills. Plus he's funny, which is good since Petey is the comedic relief.

The bully of the teen group, "Garrett" will be played by Graham Patrick Martin. Graham is a familiar face to some. He's a series regular on the Bill Engvall Show. I had never seen it before, but one night in June on vacation, my wife and I stumbled on it. The next day, the producer called to tell me about Graham and if I had ever seen the show. Timing's everything.

Our resident animation expert in the movie is "Kevin" and will be played by Pierce Cravens. I'm guessing Pierce just didn't need that third name. Pierce did a great job in the auditions and it will be fun to see what he does with the character.

We searched high and low for "Eigsh" (pronounced "Ash"). She is to be the rapper to JR's crooning, to make up the second half of that duo. It's a very challenging role and we're very fortunate to have Jupiter Rising's Jesse Payo now in the role. What a talent!

More updates as they come.


  1. Now, now, now! "Oh-he-who-hates-the-three-named-talent" man! If SOMEONE named Lauren Carter would have just accepted a 9to5 job like the rest of the country, I may have left out my middle name. However, she decided to just be a pain in my rear! And, if I am correct, you worked with a couple other three namers...and three is a pretty important number, right? Holy Trinity, anyone?

  2. LOL. Yes, on "A Promise Kept" my typing fingers got tired with Sean Patrick Flannery, Joey Lauren Adams et al.