Friday, July 10, 2009

Cast Shaping Up

We have some very good actors coming aboard "Rising Stars." It was a tough audition (and maybe a few that auditioned and know about this blog can comment). Some of the roles required singing, dancing and playing guitar or piano. We saw around 150 people. There were some very, very talented people we saw that for one reason or the other, we just couldn't cast. These go into my mind vault of people to look for roles later.

The female lead of the movie is a young girl who is manipulated by her OCD mom. "Natalie" is dark and conflicted, and is led to think it was her fault her dad left them. Lauren Ashley Carter has accepted the role and we welcome her to the team. I'm real excited to see what she does with the role.

Playing the role of a young singer, half of a singing/rap duo is Leon Thomas III. He plays as "JR". Movie goers might recognize him from August Rush. My kids immediately recognized him from one episode of "ICarly." Go figure. Wait till you hear his voice.

One of the story's competitors, is a young Brittany Spears type. Just in time, we got Natalie Hall to join the cast in the role of "Brenna." Natalie has also just been cast in a Drew Barrymore movie and we were afraid we might lose her. I'm glad she's going to be a part of this movie. She's got everything-- acting, voice, dancing and the elusive "it."

I'll mention some more tomorrow or the next day.


  1. It is very difficult to judge one's performance in an audition. I am always pleased when there are more people in the room to watch. Everyone was very warm and welcoming and call backs are definitely the most fun especially being able to play with different combinations of actors and just enjoying the company. I always look at it like a race, honestly. I try to beat my best time, I'm not competing with anyone but myself.

  2. A good way to look at it. I like having several people to bounce stuff off of, so on our side of the table it's good. And yes, I like call backs much more than the first auditions.