Thursday, July 16, 2009

Playing Dominoes

There is much to be done as we enter pre-production (which technically officially starts next Monday, but in reality has been going on for a few weeks). However, there are many dominoes waiting for one to fall.

Waiting to fall are dominoes like housing for cast and crew, transportation, minor locations, anything set design, choreography, and so on. The domino in the way? Our main location.

To be able to shoot a feature film in 18 days (three 6 day weeks), you must be able to shoot quickly. I wrote this script so that we could park at one place for 80 to 90%. This puts hours back onto the set where we can be shooting rather than pulling stuff out of trucks or packing it all back in.

So in our case, this is a college campus. I've been visiting campuses, taking pictures, talking to administration. I'm hopeful in the next few days we can get an answer on one particular campus. Once that's done, I can scour the area around for a few smaller locations, and also look for housing and try to work some deals.

So come on domino, fall baby, fall.

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