Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shooting My Mouth Off

I get asked a lot when I travel about guns because, you know, I'm from the great state of Texas. So yes, some of my movies have used guns. We had small ones (.38 special in the hands of a detective in A Promise Kept) and we've had big ones (an M82 Barrett 50 caliber sniper rifle on top of a parking garage next to the state capital-- the reverberations from firing a blank lasted for 17 seconds).

We had fast guns-- fully automatic, class III weapons, like the Mac 11, and several M4/AR15 types. All sorts of AK's. And something our weapons master Doug Williams called the "Widomaker." Scarlett McAlister, in Striking Range is sporting that one.

So sit back and enjoy a short little video of the weapons used in Striking Range with Lou Diamond Phillips, Yancy Butler, Glenn Moreshower, and Scarlett. Just remember, the working title was "bloodlines" and later changed to Striking Range.

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