Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So yesterday, I posted that during this phase of moviemaking, I'm usually wracked by dreams. Well last night was no different. At 330-ish, I woke up. I was sitting in bed answering some question by my wife-- my PDA in my hand as a flashlight on the sheets. I didn't know what was going on, so I put the PDA away and quickly dozed back off.

In the morning she told me I woke her-- I was going through the sheets with the PDA flashlight looking for "bugs." Not sure if they were the crawly kind, or maybe spy stuff... that would certainly make for better dreaming. Anyway, at least I wasn't sleep walking. This time.

So today, I worked hard on finding our campus location for Rising Stars. I can't wait on one place-- I have to go to them all and start the process. Campuses have administration, which means committees and long decision making processes. So we will see.

In addition, my DP and co-offices mate Ron Gonzalez had set up one office as a small green screen room. I took advantage of it to shoot a little standup for an exclusive Facebook video-- the Carry On Wayward Son music video. What we have found is that churches are getting the movie for their church usually based on the recommendation of a person in the congregation. So I'm thankful for all those who are doing that.

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