Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prep - Day 2

I am sooo glad Stewart is on the clock. I've been able to delegate a bunch of stuff off to him and just in time to take on a bunch of other stuff. We did local call-back auditions today. We juggled music cues back and forth. Arranged more travel for the cast and out of town crew. Talked in depth with a couple of department heads. And continued dealing with a couple of other fires.

On the horizon? The biggest is Location. We've got crew arriving as early as this weekend. I need to know where to put them. To know that, I need to know where we will be shooting. The DFW area is quite large.

Casting. We've got all the principle roles filled. Now it's all the day payer parts. On board is an incredibly talented cast, so we want to continue that. I think Jeff and I are taking more time than we ever have to look at even the smallest of roles. Good Enough is the enemy of Great and we're fighting that battle.

Script re-write. With the principle cast now in place, some little things need tweaking. Pink will be forthcoming pretty soon.

And maybe I'll have time to throw in a photo now and then in this blog like I used to back in the good ol days (last week).

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