Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Secret Agent Man

So today was the real first day of pre-production (all those people who mis-read yesterday's post-- we have *not* started shooting). We're off and running. Had a big crises that I dealt with most of the day. Spent much time on the phone. Keeping chargers everywhere now.

Here's one thing I dealt with toward the end of the day-- an Agent. I believe that Agents are a good thing. You've got a Talent and the Producer is going to try and take advantage of Talent. For all those who think Man is basically good inside-- it's not true. Man is a lion, prowling for food. So Talent needs a lion of their own to match up with the producer lion. I get it.

But here's where I don't get it. When Talent has an Issue with Director and calls Agent to "be the bad guy." Now one might argue-- "but you want to keep the relationship Talent/Director clean and good." Well, when I've got an agent calling because we didn't put enough green M&M's in the bowl in their trailer (see "Simone"), believe me, I know who's really looking at me through the smiling teeth of the Talent.

If Talent's got a problem, talk to Director and clear the air and work on a solution. If Talent uses someone else to do their dirty business, communication is compromised.

Again, I'm not talking about contract issues.

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