Sunday, July 12, 2009


Back in January or February (you can check the archives), we talked about one acronym for writers-- OTN, which stands for "On the Nose" which is the driving element for cheesy writing.

Another important acronym is DTM-- "Do The Math." In filmmaking, this translates to letting your audience draw conclusions. In Christian filmmaking, this is very difficult to do-- what if the audience draws the wrong conclusion? Can't have that. So let's just tell them the conclusion. I think it happens in a lot of pulpits too.

I can tell you "7" and you walk away, maybe remembering "7." But if I tell you 3 + 4, then your brain starts churning and you think "7." You know "7." The danger here is what if you walk away thinking and knowing "8." As a Christian story teller, I'll take the risk. I think it's far better for my audience to keep their brains-- not check them in at the brain-check in the foyer (check out the "Believe is an Act music video).

So I encourage you filmmakers and writers-- let your audience do the math. Your movie and its message will have much more impact.

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