Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where We're At With The Imposter

As focus has been turning towards Rising Stars production, I work on something Imposter related everyday to get the movie out. While in NYC, I thought about a slight change to the distribution strategy after meeting with a tv person.

The traditional secular indie movie route is theatrical (lottery odds), followed by a video window, followed by a tv window. Because of our non-traditional distribution, I am working Imposter to get into churches for our "theatrical". I'm going to hold back video (DVD) until early 2010, and pursue the tv offers we're getting for Imposter.

So I hope to have a television premiere maybe late fall, early winter, and hit some talk shows and get the buzz continuing. Also, we've gotten GREAT feedback on the soundtrack and the Gracenotes are updated, so when you import into your ITunes library, all the info will be there.

And I hope I see some of you local Dallas-Ft Worth folks at the Borders on Saturday in Colleyville. They've asked me to speak, and I'm leaning towards a talk about acting from a director's perspective. It's from 2 to 4pm.

It will be great to get the exposure and get more people knowing and hearing about the movie. We had a steady increase of churches ordering the movie for their congregation, and hopefully we can kick that up. I believe with tv, we can also see an increase in churches ordering the movie. They can use it for outreach, fundraising, or to just minister to their congregation.

This was me right before going to NYC, when we were on "vacation" in Colorado. One of many calls I took concerning all the movies. While everyone else was sweating in the record high Texas temps, it was sleeting and we pulled the boat over so my daughter could get some pictures of a couple wayward Canadian geese.

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