Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's "The Imposter" about anyway?

Paul writes about the two of me-- the Flesh (Ego) and the Spirit me. There is nothing good or redeemable for the Flesh. But it's a daily battle to die to it. When I let the Flesh live, it's not the real me-- it's an imposter. If the Apostle Paul had to die daily to his flesh, chances are we all do. So yes, *I* am the Imposter. So are you by the way. Unless you're dead. I mean, like, for real. Literally, not figuratively.

So unmasking the Imposter is to kill the Ego and live life in the spirit. Live for God's purpose, not my own selfish, carnal desires. At the essence, that's the message of this movie. It's not as easy as pushing a button, or walking down an aisle. It takes a daily vigilance. An everyday decision to die and to live. Die to the flesh, live for His purpose.

So this movie is about Pretenders. Not just the lead character Johnny C. I believe that God wants us to walk in Truth... It's not always pretty. Not always comfortable.

Maybe you got some other things out of the movie. If so, I'd love to hear what The Imposter said to you.

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