Monday, March 16, 2009

How Clay is Arrogant (and Bronze and even Silver)

Have a friend named Clay who has a big head? Well good, but I'm not talking about him.

My mentor once asked me, while I was wallowing in the original sin (comparison) talking about other filmmakers and their accomplishments, whether I thought I was gold, silver, bronze, clay, what? So I pondered for a moment. I answered "Bronze." He said "Then I'm done with you."

After scraping myself off the floor, I mumbled a "Gold", not truly believing it in my whole heart. I have gone on to understand a little about this principle. My parents didn't make me, God made me. Psalm 139 says I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God only makes Gold. So to take what he made and call it anything less is false humilty at best, and probably more flat out arrogance.

How is that arrogant? Well, what is something worth? Answer-- what someone is willing to pay. What are you worth? How about the price of God's own Son. And you want to tell God, "well, actually, I'm bronze (or clay), so what You did isn't quite enough for me." That's so special, isn't it?

Now my Ego is refuse. It cannot be improved. It can't be trained or educated. It can be killed. But who I *really* am, who God made me, is GOLD.

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