Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Believe (is an Act)

Since we hit it hard in "The Imposter", here are some things I've learned about "Believe" from my mentor Dr. Mike Riggins (notes compiled by Kirby):

* If I have to understand something to believe it, I would believe almost nothing. I believe a computer computes. I have no idea of how the ones and zero's make that happen.

* Trust is a major component of Believe. I don't have to understand God to Believe Him.

* When I say "I believe", it means a total commitment of my entire person and to live that which I believe.

* If you say you believe but do not have behavior testifying to that belief, you are a liar.

* If I say "I'd die for that", it isn't such a big sacrifice. Dying for something is easy. Living for it is harder.

Here is the "Believe (is an Act)" music video.

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