Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The only thing to Fear...

Fear is a sure sign Ego (flesh) is in play. Is it wrong to fear? I do know that to indulge in fear is sin. What is fear? Fear can be defined as projecting a negative course of action or result on the future. SO basically when I indulge fear, I am saying "I don't trust you God."

Now I'm not talking about "Fear" - the respect of God. Also, I'm not talking about being afraid. I'm talking about indulging, wallowing in, staying in a spirit of Fear.

For me, it's one more arena of Ego to kill.


  1. That is the most continuous challenge for me... the battle between fear and faith. When I finally release my fear and embrace my faith, giving it up to Jesus, it is such a sense of freedom and comfort... but getting there can be tough. The more it means to me, the harder that battle can become.