Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Review of "The Imposter"

From Lesley Hurst, Program Director at WAFG 90.3 Grace FM:

I appreciated the strong message in "The Imposter" about how easy it is slip into a life and ministry that is so disconnected from an authentic, transformed, and obedient follower of Christ. Kevin Max was very believable as a Christian music artist who lost his way, or maybe never knew the way. His vocals and talent were on full display and compelled me to watch and listen.

Jeff Deyo warmly portrayed the conflicted friend and band mate who struggled with tough love. Kerry Livgren as the "Prof" exuded credibility as a calm influence who subtlety gave convincing advice. We get a glimpse of his own ability on the guitar, and get to hear a new version of "Wayward Son" from his Kansas days.

Even with the heaviness of the film's message, it's humor and comic relief enhanced the story, with the very likeable homeless man (Tom Wright), who was outstanding and realistic in his portrayal. It was also refreshing that Kevin Max's character, Johnny C, would have a journey back to wholeness that may take a period of time. Thank you for an entertaining film with a message that made me want to examine myself for any area in my life where I may be an "imposter".

The soundtrack is amazing, can't wait to get the CD.

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