Monday, March 23, 2009

To Confront or not?

Confrontation versus Conflict. Smackdown. The two "C's" lining up against each other, only one will emerge victorious. (This all sounds better if you imagine the deep announcer voice associated with Monster Truck rallies).

So in one corner we have Confrontation. This is where one party brings truth to the other party (truth based on the Word of God)... usually leaving a choice. Confrontation is CREATIVE. It builds. It is healthy.

In the other corner, the raging beast, Conflict. This is where two parties attempt to settle differences by the destruction of the other. So yes, where one is creative,Conflict is destructive, tearing down, killing.

Here is a truisms:
* The lack of Confrontation will ALWAYS lead to Conflict.

So when you think that you'll just let that thing slide, remember, to deal with it now will be creative. Life is created in confrontation. Let it sit, it will come out in an unholy war down the road.

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