Monday, March 9, 2009

Killing My Children

Before you go call 911 or CPS, this is a term used in filmmaking. Most seasoned distribution professionals cringe when they here about a "slash"-- a writer/director/editor/producer. Most of the time, what this means is a movie that needs significant cutting and tightening, but alas, it won't happen because the Slash won't kill any of his children (the cherished little scenes).

For me personally, being a Slash, I guard against this by running edits by a select group of individuals who I know will tell me straight up, the good, the bad and the ugly.

So my team has felt (along with myself) that "The Imposter" is a bit long. But not many had any specific cut suggestions. Some felt I should cut back Popeye-- great character and all, but does it move the story? Others recommended I cut back some of the music... but more said they really like the music scenes. (Pictured are Tim Grace, Russ Pond, Courtney Price. Not pictured are myself and Jeff Rodgers.

Then we started sending it out. Most people like the movie, but the only comment I heard repeated more than once, was that it's a bit long. So since December, I've been thinking about where I can cut and tighten and over the last week, I've trimmed the movie of 10 minutes of poundage. I think it's much more svelte now.

Some have already asked about what they'll be missing, so chances are, I will include either deleted scenes, or even a "director's cut" that will be the original 113 minute version.

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