Monday, March 30, 2009

Chicken Love

In an earlier post, we defined "love"-- seeking the others highest good. With that as love, a whole bunch of activities that might not appear "loving" are in fact the essence of love. Maybe it's confronting a friend. Maybe it's slapping someone hysterical because they need to get a grip. Maybe it's being really uncomfortable.

Another kind of love that's prevalent (I know it has in my life) is what I call "Chicken Love." That's not love that's too afraid to happen. Not that kind of chicken. Actually the real thing. The real chicken.

See I "love" chicken. I love pizza. I love a good root beer float. So how can we use the same exact words to describe these feelings that we use to say I "love" my wife, or a "love" my child? What do I *really* mean when I say I "love" chicken? Am I saying I'm seeking chicken's highest good? I don't think the chicken sees it that way. No what I'm really saying is that I "love" the way chicken taste to me-- how it makes me feel.

It's the kind of love that's all centered around... me.

So next time when you say I "love" you to your spouse or kids or family member, do you mean real love (seeking the others highest good) or do you mean "chicken love?"

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