Thursday, January 28, 2010

Music Currently

Music is important to me-- and sometimes it's been unhealthy. There was a time, as a teenager, I would say music was my best friend. It was the only person I could talk to. Sad, yes.

Anyway, I did want to talk about what current music I'm listening to. And if you have some tunes rolling around in your head, let us know as well.

I've discovered FireFlight. I really like this Christian Rock band. They have a really good sound. Also been listening to Red lately. And Seventh Day Slumber's It Is Well, is an awesome worship album.

Songs that I've been playing over and over this month of January include some of the new cuts from Rising Stars-- The Refund Desk song really rocks-- live what Ben Reynolds and Jason Germain are doing. We also got Lauren Ashley Carter to sing a song for the soundtrack and it's incredible. I wish I could share that with the world, but alas, not yet. Everyone talks about how expressive Lauren's eyes are, but what's really standing out to me, is how expressive her voice is. Matches the eyes.

Wrapped in Your Arms by FireFlight. Red's Start Again-- my twelve year old son wanted this one and I see why. I pulled my old Burlap to Cashmere album out and have been listening to some tunes off it.

So what about you?

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  1. Listening and hooked on Casting Crowns' "Until the World Hears", tobymac's new one, Phillips,Craig, and Dean's "Revelation Song", and downhere's "King's"CD (I know, it's a Christmas CD but I like their versions of the standards and their song "How Many Kings".