Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Actors are, according to the DSM IV, clinically insane. To be proficient at their craft, they have to force Truth out and walk in a forced delusional state. Now, I do say this somewhat tongue in cheek.

But I do believe, the more we act, the more we have to push reality aside for a flase reality, the more we can drift away from Truth. Our reality becomes a drifting ship away from the island of Truth. Now to me, the ship still looks like it's tied up at the dock, but it can drift and drift far.

I remember early on, in my second movie, I thought it'd be fun to play the bad guy. Well, the bad guy here was a child predator. I only shot one day (actually a very cold night), but I tell you, I couldn't get clean enough in the bath the next morning. I had a full beard and shaved that off. Still wasn't enough. Disturbing thoughts for awhile. I had to really cleanse my brain (for me, reading and chewing on scripture).

For those famous actors who regularly play disturbed characters, if they don't have a compass and an engine running, they really do drift. The entertainment headlines are awash with these derelict vessels of acting humanity. And why we'd let them be the spokespeople for politics and social interests I"ll never know. Remember, they're craaazy.

So for you actors reading this, it's not that I'm saying don't do it. What I am saying is be aware of the psychological dangers and pitfalls of your craft. You spend enough time playing an enabling monster and suddenly find yourself doing that to the people around you. Or you play a sex fiend and suddenly you can't get enough porn. The craft of acting is fire, so be careful playing with it. (Oops, mixed metaphors in this entry).

In the meantime, today I added the seminar on Acting: A Director's POV to the schedule for January 30. Info and registration is at . Come if you can, you crazy person.

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