Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Lately, I've discovered the joy of teaching. I've done a few seminars on acting and filmmaking. And yesterday, I finished teaching my first university class. And I'll be speaking at the Christian Media Association this Saturday in Dallas. What I've been teaching is simply the things I've learned on the filmmaking journey...

I knew I wanted to make movies, so I wrote down some goals on a five year plan. Then I worked on hitting the milestones necessary in the plan. It took a little longer than the five years but that didn't matter.

I read every book I could find that offered any assistance on how to get a movie funded, made and sold. I attended seminars. In fact, the best information I got for fundraising, came from a seminar I attended. I also have continued learning from, of all places, DVD commentaries from the filmmakers.

If you are wanting to make a movie. Or act in a movie. If you are wanting to get your movie distributed. Then learn everything you can. There are some really good books. Go to SXSW and attend the panels. Great info there. Or a film fest in your area.

And you're welcome to come to "Greenlight Yourself" that I teach. Next up is Fort Worth on January 30th. Then Feb 27 in South Florida. I also have a class for actors, all from a director's point of view on Jan 31 in Fort Worth. Register at .

One question i get is "I can't make it that date, are you going to offer it again?" I don't know. I'm a working filmmaker. When I get into a movie, it's usually all consuming. The only time I can do any seminars is between movies.

I look forward to seeing some of you at one of these meetings or seminars. We have a lot of fun in learning.

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