Friday, January 8, 2010

Speaking of Speaking...

January and February are suddenly looking real busy. Besides having a "Greenlight Yourself" filmmaking seminar on Saturday, January 30 in Fort Worth, I'll also be speaking at the CMA (Christian Media Association) meeting in Dallas on Saturday, January 23. And I'll be on a panel for the DSA (Dallas Screenwriter's Association) for Friday January 15.

Then on February 20, I'll be giving a seminar, sponsored by the DSA on writing characters.

In addition to that, I might go shoot a commercial/documentary in India. I do hope to land that job-- I've never been to that part of the world and would enjoy the chance to spread my wings (and making a little revenue is always a good thing).

And while all that is going on, I want to try and finish my screenplay "72." Momentum really can't get moving on a movie until the script materializes. When you have something to send around, things can happen. Not so much with just a good idea, although that can happen. It's also harder to protect an idea. Easier to protect a registered screenplay.

Anyway, here's to a hopefully busy month.

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