Sunday, January 10, 2010

Speaking at CMA Saturday Jan 23

Here's what the CMA sent out, hope you can come:

Dan Millican, Producer, Director & Writer - CMA Speaker Saturday Jan 23 at 10 AM

Dallas’s own Dan Millican is an award winning producer, director and writer. He is the founder of Serendiptous Films whose films have been featured on Showtime and Lifetime. His new Christian film,”The Imposter” will be released nationally on DVD February, 2010.

CMA Dallas Chapter Meetings at North Church: 1615 West Beltline Rd, Carrollton, TX (1 mile west of I-35) CMA Meetings are free.

Dan Millican's Bio:
After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Millican went on to win over 30 prestigious international awards for his writing, directing, editing, film production, television, music videos, commercials and corporate films.

Making the transition between Commercials and Music Videos to features in 2000, in his first film The Keyman: Finding Redemption, Millican explored the issues of regret and abandonment on the streets and the destructive power of unforgiveness. That movie starred Adam Baldwin and is being released worldwide by Artistview Entertainment out of LA. Veteran Los Angeles actor Tom Wright was chosen to play the role of a homeless man. Wright has gone on to have a role in every one of Millican's films since then.

Millican's sophomore project was the film A Promise Kept starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Joey Lauren Adams, Jeff Speakman and Mimi Rogers (The Gunman for US video). Worldwide sales were strong and the movie was released on video in the summer of 2004. Lifetime Movie Network premiered the film on television in January of 2005.

Followed by Striking Range, which is drawn from Millican's experiences working in the corporate environment. In addition to Lou Diamond Phillips, the movie also stars Yancy Butler, Glenn Moreshower and Jeff Speakman.

The Imposter is Millican's fourth film and his first to be targeted for the Christian audience (although Christian themes are woven through all his movies). The movie's main character, Johnny C, played by Max, is a Christian rock star for a popular band called Grand_Design. The plot mirrors the prodigal son story from the Bible with a few significant twists.

"Rising Stars" is the fifth film by Millican and stars Barry Corbin, Catherine Mary Stewart, Christian recording star Rebecca St. James and Fisher Stevens.

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