Thursday, January 21, 2010

Acting: A Director's POV

Registrations continue for the last weekend of January. "Greenlight Yourself" is doing pretty good. The "Acting: A Director's POV" not so good. So I'm dropping the price to $35 from $50. You can register at

Info: This acting seminar is different than most of the others-- it's
taught by a working film Director. Dan Millican, writer/director of five
feature films, who shoots them here in Texas, talks about what Directors
look for in actors, from the audition to the edit room.

Find out what the Director thinks about in the audition-- what he looks
for. What he doesn't. How you prepare for that role... And how to
perform in the best way to avoid being cut in the edit room.

He finishes the day with an in depth scene study, using the raw footage
with all the takes from a scene in one of his movies.

Sunday, Jan 31 from 9am to 5pm
6125 Airport Freeway, Suite 102, Ft. Worth (Studios 121 building)
Cost was $50, now $35.
Register at

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