Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seminar Update

A week ago I was worried about the Acting seminar for next Sunday. Since a couple who signed up were coming from out of town, I decided to just lift the minimum and have it even if there were only four or five. I also lowered the price to $35 (form $50). Now suddenly, we are starting to get a strong attendance. Not sure why the sudden interest. Don't know if it was the price drop or just word of mouth, but I'm glad we'll have a bunch coming.

The Greenlight Yourself is looking good as well. I'm asking everyone to make sure they register for this one in advance-- I'm making workbooks for each attendee. For Acting: A Director's POV, it's not as critical to pre-register.

We still have room in both semianrs, so I hope you can make it. For more info and registration, go to

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