Friday, January 8, 2010

The Imposter Street Date

Well, I had heard we were releasing February 23. Then there was a chance we'd delay the release to early summer, so I was a little hesitant to announce. But we are officially on track to hit the streets with the DVD's of "The Imposter."

For those new to this blog, "The Imposter" is a faith-based film, made for the Christian, church-going audience. I feel non-Believers will enjoy the movie as well, especially since this one flies in the face of the traditional "Christian" movie.

Johnny C (played by Kevin Max of dcTalk) is the lead singer for the hottest Christian rock band. But unfortunately, what he sings about at night before thousands, isn't what he lives when off the stage. He's been hiding a drug problem and not hiding so well a womanizing problem. And this doesn't set too well with his long suffering wife who finally gets the courage to practice some tough love and takes their daughter back to her parents.

James (played by Jeff Deyo), is the leader of the band and he can't turn a blind eye any longer either and has some tough choices to make. After losing everything, Johnny C has a gut check time-- does he determine to be a true Believer, no matter who is watching, or does he continue to play the game? Johnny is mentored by mysterious "Proff" played by the legendary Kerry Livgren of Kansas fame.

I wrote this story for the Church-- this is my fourth movie and the other three I wrote for the secular audience. I wanted to present a more realistic portrayal of faith in action-- something that everyone can relate to. And it is my hope that as you discover your true identity in God that you begin to take off the masks and masquerades of a delusional reality.

And my wife tells me not to get too preachy. That wasn't so bad was it?

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