Saturday, January 9, 2010

Assistance with Assistants

Wanted: Looking for a person with a problem-solving attitude.

Through the years, I've had an assistant off and on. I usually pay minimum wage to $10 an hour, so it's not something you'll make a living at. So traditionally, it's been filled by college students looking to supplement their communications/film degree while attending school.

It's usually part time with extremely flexible hours. And sometimes, it will be a week or two with no hours, and other times can see many hours in a week. Depends on how much stuff Serendipitous has going on and how much stuff the assistant has going on.

I look at the position as more of an apprenticeship. I invest more than the low pay-- I invest a lot of time teaching and training what I know. In the past, I haven't ever posted anything-- it's been a referral by someone I knew in the industry of some student... or a friend of a friend had a college student needing work... Or in the case of Courtney, her roommate was my assistant and Courtney wanted to help too. Eventually, when the roommate left, Courtney stepped in. She took a lot of initiative. Otherwise, it might not have ever happened.

So if you're interested, send me a message (please no calling). Tell me what you would expect if you were to help me.

The ideal candidate would be someone with great organizational skills, a desire to work in the film business, willing to do the dirty jobs (be it fetching a diet coke or shuttling actors from the set). Knowledge of camera/editing and such not critical. In fact, the biggest need right now is for organizing the office, doing our 1099's and stuff like that.

What I will probably end up doing is hiring a couple of you for this and that and then see where it goes.

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