Sunday, January 3, 2010

Love That Kills

I drove by a woman out on her ATV out in West Texas. I was told that she really loves animals. That she had a deer feeder because she loves to have them come by. Then was told that she put the deer feeder near a busy farm road where they drive 2000 miles an hour. Yes, much road kill. She loves the animals and her love kills.

Reminds me of the Greenies who buy only organic. Organic beef is raised very ugly. No medication is given to the cows, so they are extremely susceptible to disease.

And farming. When you grow organic crops, you plant the seed and then the bugs take over. If you use organic pesticide, you end up making a lot more trips through your fields. And the produce yields are way lower than non-organic. One farmer we interviewed said that they make five times the trips through the fields growing organic. That's five times the diesel and five times the greenhouse gas emissions. But it's organic. I could be wrong here, but organic sounds a little stupid for helping the environment. Kind of like putting up a deer feeder next to my house near the highway-- because I love the little animals.

Of course, I could take the whole thing away from Being Green to being philosophical. It was almost a year ago I wrote here in this blog about Chicken Love, but to save you time from surfing through the archives, "Chicken Love" is where you love something because of how it makes you feel. As in "I love chicken" or "I love pizza."

I believe this kind of "love" is the predominant love displayed in this world and in this culture. It pervades society and the church. It is a narcissistic, me-first love, that does kill.

I know a woman who spends her cash on bailing out her twenty-something son from jail. The rest of the family has toughened up and quit enabling his destructive behavior. But mom can't give it up. And she covers it in a religious quilt.

The real kind of love is love that seeks the other's highest good and purpose. This guy isn't going to straighten up by buying him the liquor, paying off the girl with the baby now, or any of the other "loving" things. You see, her love is killing her son. Just the opposite of what she thinks she's doing. Like the lady with the deer feeder.

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