Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Biggest Points

This past weekend, we did a "Greenlight Yourself" and a "Acting: a Director's POV" seminar. This was the second time to teach both classes, and they were well attended. It was interesting that the groups were different than before, especially the acting one.

Greenlight had a group very interested in getting their films off the ground. We had one person who had just completed a feature, and the rest had yet to take the plunge. That was fairly consistent with the first class. This class came with some very specific questions and it was great to be able to address them.

The biggest questions all center around fundraising and distribution. Though this class didn't have as many questions about the fundraising.

For the Acting class, the first time, almost all the attendees were represented by agents and had some experience, looking to better their chances in the audition and such. The class this weekend was predominately un-represented, so the questions were more rudimentary in nature.

One thing that came out of the Acting class was the need for more and better demo reel material. So several asked if I would schedule a "Shoot/Edit/Demo" workshop, which I have done for Friday, Feb 19. (

I really enjoy teaching and we've gotten some great feedback. I've also created a Facebook Group for the seminars to keep people better updated as to what classes are being offered. Click here to join that.

We've had some people request a Director's class for learning how to direct and some specialized acting classes, like stunts and how to take squibs, etc. Let me know if you'd like to see anything. Thanks to everyone who attended!

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