Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Your call time is..."

“As a Director, I often take a look at an actor’s demo, even more so than the headshot, to determine if I want to see them or not.”

So the Demo, which we'll call a moving "headshot" is critical for you actors. As I was casting my most recent movie, “Rising Stars” last summer, I realized that many of our local, Texas actors have very little quality screen time for their demo reel.

Friday, February 19, we're going to workshop actors that want some solid demo material. We'll shoot and original scene, then edit it. You'll have a high quality, high def quicktime. Registration at

This is an all day workshop-- in the morning we shoot scenes with you. In the afternoon, you sit in on editing to learn what helps on the set so you stand a better chance of not being left on the cutting room floor. When we're done, you'll have a high-def short 60 second or less scene, shot professionally, you can use on your actor's demo reel.

If you would just like to audit the course, costs is $50.

In the afternoon, the participants will be able to sit in on the editing, learning what the editor and director decide and why—hopefully gleaning tips on how to avoid the cutting room floor.

Upon registering, each participant consults with me and an original short scene is selected to be prepared. All scenes will be shot in the morning, which is why the workshop has a very limited number. The cost is $350, which provides for professional crew and equipment.

When it’s all done, you will have a very polished high def quicktime to add to your demo reel. If you cannot afford to do the full demo, people can audit for $50.
We really need people to register as early as possible to best prepare for the shoot on Friday, so we request that you register before this Friday, Feb 12. We do not know when this will be offered again.

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