Saturday, February 20, 2010

Super Tuesday

Well, the time is finally on us-- the release of "The Imposter." It's been a long road for this fourth movie of Serendipitous Films. We set out to make a movie for the church-- for people professing to be "Christians."

We've been doing interviews and radio and such. I get asked what the message is... what it was like to work with Kevin, Jeff and Kerry... Why I chose to make a movie like this.

This movie is not like the Christian movie's I've seen. We have endeavored to keep it real... and in the reviews, it appears we succeeded. When I wrote the story, I wondered if church goers would be turned off by the fact it doesn't all tie up nicely into a bow, but the consensus I'm getting is that people are finding this refreshing.

I wrote in the voice over at the beginning that God's more interested in our hero going through a process than zapping him with spiritual morphine. I believe that God can stretch forth his sovereign hand and touch, heal or dispense a supernatural measure of skill... but more often, He wants to see me work through. THat the end result isn't what's important to Him but that I went through the process... that I did the math.

The DVD comes out this Tuesday. I hope you get a copy. And if you do, let me know what you thought of the movie. Thanks for your support!

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