Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wish You Were Here

I'm sitting here listening to the final mixes on the Ben Reynolds and Jason Germain songs for "Rising Stars." I wish you guys could hear what I'm hearing. This music is incredible. Not only have we struck gold with the Reynolds/Germain combination, put that with the young, incredible talent brought together for the ones in the movie. Wow.

One day, hopefully soon, you'll get to hear this. You'll hear Kyle Riabko putting it all out there vocally. You'll hear the incredible delight that is the combo of Leon Thomas III and Jesse Payo. And you'll hear the wonderful singing of Natalie Hall. And as an added bonus on the CD soundtrack, you'll hear a song by lead actress Lauren Ashley Carter, where you'll discover her eyes aren't the only things incredibly expressive.

Listening to the music... Wishing you were here. Soon.

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