Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nothing Like that (lack of) Perspective

First of all, I won't even get into an eschatology debate (go ahead and look it up if you don't know). All those Christians arguing pre-trib, mid trib, post trib rapture.

For you non-Christians reading, what this means is that most Christians agree scripture talks about a return of Jesus. Matt 24, Luke 22, 1 Thessalonians and a bunch of stuff in Revelations all point to His return. Jesus and the author of Revelation also point to some very hard times-- the period of tribulation.

The popular view in Christendom is that we get "raptured" away before these hard times-- in other words, the "pre-trib rapture" believers are the ones that keep all those books and movies going. (Don't know how they explain away Jesus's own words of there being hard times for Believers, that because of them the time will be cut short, not out, see Matt 24). But anyway, that's not what this blog entry is about.

No it's about the money some self-avowed atheists are making because a few Christians (you know the ones, be harmless as doves and wise as serpents, oh wait, they hate snakes). Seems that they've come up with a great plan. In the event of rapture-- they'll come and take care of your pets when you're gone. because despite all the arguments about pre-trib to post trib, clearly Jesus won't be carrying an armful of your puppies.

So for $110, you can rest assured in the event you're caught up in the air, Rover will be well cared for by a un-Believer. And here's the crazy thing-- they've already gotten like a hundred takers. C'mon brother or sister, really? Really?

Personally, I think it'd be wonderful if Christians started living like they really believed Jesus was coming back.


  1. Our last podcast we was focused on Rapture/End Times films. We did a lot of research and, I agree (as do most denominations) that the Rapture concept is opposite of just about everything the Bible talks about in regards to the requirement of faith, of living your faith, of using your faith to overcome trials. When Jesus said to pick up our cross and follow him, I don't think he meant we woulodn't have to face the actually crucifixion part.

    I don't believe we get a "get our of tribulation free" card.

  2. I totally agree. And of course I'm reminded Pete, I never re-recorded that audio. If you're still interested, can I do that this week?