Saturday, February 13, 2010

Working on a Short Idea

I'm writing some original scenes for the demo shoot for actors coming up this next Friday. What's important to me is to see a turn... and find the whole performance believable. So if I have a Detective enter angry, he needs to leave fearful. Or happy and leave ecstatic. Or sad and leave hopeful.

Then, the "beat" that happens when that value turn happens, is the key moment to catch on the camera. SO something is said or something happens to turn the Detective from angry to fearful. He comes in the room in control-- maybe it's an interrogation. He's moving right along until the whimpy subject actually confesses something, mentioning the detectives daughter's first name. That would be the beat.

And he doesn't immediately go to "fearful." He's got to not believe it at first. The anger continues as he works the subject trying to achieve a confirmation that he's lying. But the lie doesn't come. So now what does he do?

Put a ticking clock on it and it ratchets up the stakes. His daughter's life is in jeopardy, but he might not be in time.

So this is how I approach helping my local fellow actors who need some qood quality dramatic work. We could still use a couple more. Register at . We're shooting this Friday.

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