Thursday, February 4, 2010

Easy Does It

Certainly, when looking at the path to the top of Everest, you want to look for the easiest road. When I take on a task, I look for the easiest way to get the task done. But at which point do I switch over to a hard way? What if the desired result requires harder work?

I believe our Great Entitlement Society preaches the Easy Road. And just so you don't yell "amen!" and agree with me, when I say "them" I mean "me" and "you." When approaching a movie, I would love for the budget money to just rain from the sky and all I have to do is get a large bucket.

And I can Christianize it-- wouldn't God want to rain these dollars on such a noble endeavor? After all, I'm spreading His word right? I believe God is more interested in me going through the process of that mountain climb than seeing the view from the summit.

I'm teaching a "Professional Practices" class for film students at UTA this spring. The current assignment is to find a mentor and interview them. A few have asked me for leads. In one case, the area of study is a little more hard to open, bit all the others, it's not that hard.

Some students have emailed, wanting to give me names and numbers they can call to see if the person will grant an interview. In one case, someone asked me if I knew any editors, especially in their part of town. I told them to google it.

Making a movie is hard work and not everyone will make it easy. It's better to learn some hard work. And, although it might be a surprise to the Entitlement Group, hard work is extremely rewarding. Take it from a self-admitted lazy person-- hard work does pay off, in leaps and bounds.

Actually, I'll even make this point-- it can be a LOT OF WORK, to be lazy.

So here's to all those who take the hard road.

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