Friday, May 1, 2009

Soundtrack Update

Thanks to all who have pre-ordered the Extended CD version of "The Imposter" movie soundtrack. In an effort to ensure the highest quality of each track, it has taken longer to get the master done, but we are nearing the finish line on that. Jeff Rodgers and I are very excited about the results.

All the art has already been sent to the duplicator, so once we have the master in hand, it will go pretty quickly. What you see here is the front cover of the CD (and below is the back booklet panel). And in previous blog posts, I've uploaded the CD Face and the back of the CD case.

My hope is that we will have the soundtracks in hand in a week to ten days and we will ship out all the pre-orders first. In the meantime, until we have the CD's in hand, we will continue to offer the $5 off for pre-ordering, so if you haven't ordered, now's the time at

For those who don't know, the CD will retail for $18.99 and has 19 tracks, which includes just about every song in the movie, including the new "Carry On Wayward Son" by writer Kerry Livgren and vocals by Kevin Max. It will also have Kevin Max singing a new song "Believe (is an Act)" and Jeff Deyo's new song "Chance to Choose." Both of these songs were written for the movie.

We also include the four songs by Kevin, including the title track "The Imposter" as well as all four songs by the awesome group "Downhere" that were used in the movie. Other songs include several by Kerry, Adele Morgan, and some great score tracks by our composer, Josh Goode.

For those that have pre-ordered, thank you for your patience, we're almost there!

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