Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The New Bake Sale

We had two churches recently use "The Imposter" for fundraising and with great results. In one case, the church charged $10 a ticket and had over 220 buy. So in one evening, they had raised $2200.

In Tennessee, a church sold tickets at $5 each and sold 560! I've been told it was quite an event.

Other churches have charged $2 and many are charging nothing. Tomorrow night in Nashville, CrossRoads will have a FREE screening as an outreach in the movie theater they meet in for their services on Sunday.

I don't find it surprising that I heard another financial report yesterday that the US Box Office continues it's blistering, record pace. In this trying economy, people are seeking an escape. And churches are discovering they can be a refuge-- offering storytelling that can offer much more than a few hours escape from their troubles.

Movie Night-- The New Bake Sale!

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