Friday, May 29, 2009

Fade to Black

So I spent several weeks, writing an extensive outline, so that by the time I began the script, a solid foundation was already written. This allowed my to write what I call the "Zero" draft in one week (with two days accounting for the last 40 pages).

So my first step is to hand the zero draft to my wife. She's not afraid to tell me anything, including if it's awful. And this is important. It all boils down to insecurity. The more insecure I am about my writing, the less I can take any criticism, constructive or otherwise.

So I'm on page 51 of her notes, and so far, out of those 51 pages, there is ONE page with no comments on it. All the rest have tons of ink. Which is great. Her comments and suggestions only make it a stronger script. And since this script is going to other producers (as opposed to most of my stuff that I do myself), it matters a little more to have a stronger script.

And it's been quite a balance in writing everyday and working on getting "The Imposter" out. Our CD Soundtracks are in and I"m getting great feedback. Plus, we're continuing to do a little bit of web advertising.

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