Monday, May 25, 2009

What's Bothering You?

So what gets under your skin? What rankles you? What pushes your buttons?

Well, what bothers me about something or someone else, is usually based on the fact it resonates with something inside of me. Bummer. You see, if someone called you a little blue man, you shrug or laugh it off (even if you're in the blue man group, because then it would be true and why would that bother you?). But if you're bothered by the comment, then there's something inside of you setting off defense alarms. "No I'm not!!" If you're really not, you wouldn't care so much about convincing the person making the claim.

And when I'm on my soap box preaching about this or that, because it just really gets under my skin, that's a great time to pray and ask God what is in me that's resonating-- so I can kill it.

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