Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's on my IPod?

I see this listed for people sometimes and at first laugh. But it is interesting what is at the top of your playlist. I do like ITunes for the sorting and so forth and can tell you the top plays in my music library.

I am one of those old style people who like to have the physical CD. So I have imported most of my library of music only to realize lately I'm really running out of room. So I've gone and pulled some never listened to stuff off.

So here's my top Play Count. Tell me yours.
1. The Imposter, Kevin Max with 138 play counts.
2. Chance to Choose, Jeff Deyo from Imposter movie, actually have several different versions I imported... 2 are at 130 play counts each. If I didn't split it up, definitely would be #1.

3. A Better Way, Downhere with 126 plays. I have a second version with 60 plays. My favorite band. My favorite song from this band. At one point (before Imposter), Downhere had 4 of the top 5.
4. Sanctuary, Kevin Max 124
5. How to Save a Life, The Fray 116
6. Empty, Meredith Mauldin 114
7. Bleed, Downhere, 114
8. My Last Amen, Downhere, 107
9. Cathedral, Downhere, 102
10. The More, Downhere, 102


  1. Anything by Matt Maher. I listen to his stuff ALL the time.

  2. when are you gonna do an update on this one?