Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Love, More Power

I've discussed some aspects of love back a few months ago, but in a recent confrontation, I was amazed that the same 'ol, same 'ol was going on.

First, with all apologies to Miriam Webster, all the definitions of love are fine, but aren't very succinct. Here's how I define "Love" -- seeking the other's highest good in God's Purpose. It's not "Chicken Love". And it's not "Fluffy Love."

"Fluffy Love" is what this person was presenting the case of Christ's love for us. They went on to say that His love wouldn't insult. His love wouldn't confront. His love was all nice and fluffy. (They didn't say that last sentence). They also cut and pasted the old standards of I Cor. 13 and a bunch of others.

But where was the passage on the money-changers? Doesn't Jesus love everyone? So love would include whipping someone who is astray? Or have we finally found someone Jesus doesn't frankly love? (And before you go there, go ahead and discount John 3:16, for God so loved the whole world... Because God=Jesus so Jesus loves the whole world).

What about Matt 19. Didn't he love the rich young ruler? Why did He let him walk away? Didn't Jesus have any compassion for him? What about Peter? Jesus looked him in the eye and called him Satan. And here's a biggie-- What about Matt. 15? The Gentile woman. The one He called a "dog." He insulted her. So love can include insults?

You betcha. Why? Because Jesus was seeking their highest good. Not their highest comfort. Or to make them feel as good as they can.

Love is Truth. Comfortable and feel good. Or uncomfortable causing change. And yes, it's is HARD sometimes to love someone.

I hope when I'm walking the straight and narrow, and when I"m not, that those around me will truly "LOVE" me. That they will have the strength to love me. Like Jesus does... He's not afraid to call me on flesh.

Eschew "Fluffy Love" and "Chicken Love" and pursue "True Love." You'll know by the fruits.

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