Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FAQ's about "The Imposter"

Here are some of the most common questions I get asked:

* I want to buy the movie for home DVD, can I do that?

ANSWER: Right now, we are in the period known in the biz, as our "theatrical" window. In other words, churches are or theater. We are planning late 2009 to release the home DVD. What some people are doing, and I encourage this, is to contact your pastor and tell him about the movie and see if he'll bring it to the church.

* I'm not the pastor, how can I get the movie to my church?
ANSWER: There are several things you can do. First, email you pastors and tell them about the movie and forward them the link. (Thank you for several who have recently done this). Secondly, some people have purchased the license for their church and gifted it.

* Can we sell tickets or are we not allowed to charge?
ANSWER: You can definitely sell tickets. Or take up a Love Offering. Or show it for free. Several churches recently have used it for fundraising. One church in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago raised $2300 for their youth department's summer missions trip with just one screening. My church raised $2200 at one screening for Teen Challenge.

* How does the "size of the church" work and why do you license the movie that way?
ANSWER: We feel that it's not right for a small church of 100 people have to pay huge exhibition cost to license the movie. So we decided to break the license fee down by size. So how do we determine size? In our license, size is the average attendance of your congregation on a Sunday morning.

* Our church has a CVLI license, so we don't have to pay for a license for "The Imposter", do we?
ANSWER: The CVLI only covers certain films, and "The Imposter" (along with Facing the GIants, Fireproof and many others) is not covered by the CVLI.

* I'm a pastor, and I want to see the movie before I order it. Is that possible?

ANSWER: There are churches all over the country who have now gotten the movie and are showing it, so there are chances one might be showing nearby. However, if that's not available, we offer a complete money-back guarantee-- if you order the movie and watch it and decide it's not appropriate for your congregation, send it back and we'll give a complete refund.

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