Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's in a name?

I had written the first draft of the script long before meeting with Kevin Max. I wrote the character of Johnny C as a conglomeration of several people, real and imagined. But I knew the lead character's name was Johnny C and the leader of the band was James. James and JOhnny C. James and John. Sons of Thunder. Since we were dealing with just one of them "Son of Thunder." Yeah I know, everybody from producer Jeff Rodgers on down made fun of that one.

So I worked on coming up with something different. The theme of the movie is "Believe." As in what does "Believe look like". So then for a short period of time, the movie title was "Believe." But that sounded like a perfume product.

I sat down with Kevin to talk about the project and as it looked like he was coming aboard, I asked him about using "The Imposter" and was cool to that.

Much better title.

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