Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting Ready

Today has been all about getting ready for Friday night's show. What goes on behind the scenes to show the movie at a church? Especially as a fundraiser? Well I know Cornerstone Church in Nashville just had a very successful screening for their youth missions with over 550 tickets sold.

Here's what's going in to the Teen Challenge screening here in Fort Worth at Bethesda Community church. First, we've been plugging the movie in the bulletins, during announcements (twice showed the trailer) and the Teen Challenge ladies have been manning the booths to sell the tickets.

We've worked on contacting all the churches in the area that support Teen Challenge. We've been giving away tickets on PowerFM 89.7 (thanks Dawn!). We sent out press releases to the newspapers and Christian radio stations.

So we've got a good foundation for attendance in pre-sold tickets and have raised some extra money for Teen Challenge that will come in very handy. Now we'll find out how much more the night of-- all the people who have decided to buy tickets at the door.

Today I typed up an agenda of the night's activities. I printed a flyer for the Royal Rangers, to get volunteers to help usher. I checked the actual movie DVD and ran the entire thing in the DVD player while I worked... so I know the disc is good to go.

Now, it's just about show time. We'll send a few more emails out and reminders to the Imposter groups. But we're looking forward to it.

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