Friday, January 30, 2009

Too Much Stuff

Well, I took the last load of office stuff from storage to our new place today. I've got boxes and stuff everywhere. I have a big problem throwing anything away. I've got all the props from all the movies. With each movie, we add a whole lot more boxes.
Special Effects wizard Steve Krieger came over to help some. He said he gives a lot of props to a Dallas Prop firm. But what if I need those props later in another movie? I'd have to pay??
On The Imposter, I did finally reuse a few props. With bringing back Popeye (played wonderfully by actor Tom Wright) from The Keyman (my first movie), I pulled out some props. The old red torn jersey on a stick that makes a flag on Popeye's cart carried the continuity.
And of course "The Oprah." She's been in every movie.
Anyway, boxes everywhere. The landlords are going to give me a small amount of warehouse space so I don't have to throw too much away. It will be nice to have a less cluttered office.

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