Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meredith's Song "Empty"

I had a lot of fun editing this music video for the movie "The Imposter" ( I got to the point in the movie where our Christian Rock hero begins his prodigal journey down into the depths and debated using a real hard rock song for a montage before remembering that Meredith's husband had slipped me a CD of hers on the last day of shooting.

Meredith plays a member (Sydney) of the popular Christian Rock band "Grand_design". I recalled a slow, almost mournful song of Mer's and dropped it in and started placing shots over it. Now, I can't imagine any other song in that spot.

It meant that I needed to call her back in to reshoot the music video portions. But all that worked well-- like it was Sydney's song in the band. I really, really enjoy shooting music videos.

A few weeks before, I remembered seeing a documentary about people building an ice hotel. I thought visually, it'd be cool to shoot Sydney through what looked like ice. I spent the week before visiting glass shops etc., before deciding to shoot through one sheet of glass sprayed with that Christmas snow stuff. Then I scraped it with an ice scraper.

Also, Mike Higgins brought me the door to his shower-- a large frosted piece of glass, and like in a cartoon, I picked it up and it went "poof" and fell in a crystal pile at my feet. Wish I had cameras rolling at that point. Not sure what his wife Diann thought-- but I think he'd already replaced this and it was about to go to the trash.

Here is the full version of the music video (only half is used in the movie). For Meredith's website, visit

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