Monday, January 12, 2009

Grammys is not short for "Grammar"

Another story from behind the scenes of Imposter... When I wrote the script, I wrote lyrics of what maybe the songs inside the movie would be. Then I handed those over to composer Josh Goode and he then wrote the lines I wish I had ("pretty little preacher all dressed up for the show.".

But I always had the line "Believe is an act." (Josh lengthened it to "Believe is an act of action). When Kevin came in to sing it, he did call me up, with some lyric questions/suggestions. Some I took, grateful for his Grammy-award winning experience. But one that I hoped he laughed at later was his comment that "believe is an act" is not grammatically correct and he was having trouble with that. And we all know how important grammar is to the music industry. ("Luv Is A Verb" has a typo by the way, Kev).

His grammatically correct point was that it should be "belief is an act". Yeah well, the whole point of the song rides on Romans 10:9 "Believe in your heart". Believe has an aggressive nature. It has action. It's happening. Belief is passive. It's already happened. Anyway, Kevin was quick to understand. And for his part, Kevin took a good song and made it great with his input. Thank you, Kevin.

Remember, if you say you "believe" Kevin is awesome but you never buy his music, I doubt the genuineness of your "believe." Believe takes action. I would have had "Baleeve is a Verb" but it was kinda taken.

Here's the full music video of the song "Believe (is an Act)".

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