Friday, January 2, 2009

Song that didn't make it into "The Imposter"

So the movie's done. It's edited. There's like 15 songs in the movie, not including score. (Not that any song is heard in it's entirety-- actually, there are some that are just a few seconds, or heard in the way back).

Then I hear "The Unwinding Cable Car" from Anberlin play on PowerFW 89.7 here in Dallas/FtWorth. The lyrics and feel are absolutely perfect. So Unwinding will be the first song on the list of "Songs that Shoulda Made the Movie if I Had Only Known In Time." (Which is a different list than "Songs that Shoulda but the Publisher Wanted Way Too Much Money.") For all I know, Unwinding might have been in the second. But you never know.

And actually, it hurts to hear this song. After finishing this movie in October and screening it, about the time I heard this song, I was painfully coming to the realization that I am still the Imposter myself. Big time. Much bigger than my Ego would ever let me see. Sometimes, it might be more comfortable to let the Ego be than to take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole really goes. It's not pretty.

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