Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Almost 10 Billion reasons to forget about the economy (for two hours)

On Monday, the Hollywood Reporter mentioned that 2008 had indeed been a record breaker at the US Box Office. The take was $9.78 Billion in a year in which the economy tanked into full blown depression.

Charitable contributions, tithes, offerings, non-profits are all feeling huge squeezes, but movie seats are breaking records. In kids church a couple of weeks ago, the children's pastor asked how many kids had parents who were laid off recently or lost a job. It was amazing the number of hands. Now after Christmas, another informal poll-- how many got a Wii for Christmas? (Well, relatives bought the one for my kids. That's my story, sticking with it).

Goes to show that the entertainment industry is somewhat depression/recession proof. People want to escape. They want a story.

I do know that some churches are running with this. They can get "The Imposter" for their movie night and use it as a fundraiser. The people coming in will buy a movie ticket but maybe not the offering plate. It's a great way to fund that youth trip or mission outreach in tough financial times.

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